ChisaiiCon 2011 – Entry Nr. 01

Last weekend I spent my time drawing on a convention in Hamburg. I took photographs of all ConHon-entries and will show them here, entry after entry.

On Saturday I was busy drawing from 10.30 a.m. until 7.30 p.m. – and had a lot of fun doing so! On Sunday there was only time from 10.30 a.m. until 3.30 p.m., because we had to drive home sooner than the convention closed.


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Being addicted

I’m a big fan of the P&P-RPG “DSA” (The Black Eye) … at the moment I’m playing a magician from Gerasim. She.. fell in love with the biggest jerk of our Heroes group… and that’s why I wanted to draw the two oft them. Although it’s a fake picture, because he would NEVER-EVER look this way… he’s not in love with her. ;-)

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Here I am again… still alive…. seems like I started to draw more and more the last few months. I’m only always too lazy to scan that scribbels and show it here. But TODAY….. I have a little bit of energy left.

I’m planning to draw a 24-pages-manga in december and january, and the cover will look somehow like this. But I already corrected the hands. “Herzenswunsch” means something like “wish of the heart”.


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Hi there!

I decided to write this blog in English, so that nearly everybody surfing along will understand, what I’m trying to tell.

But I have to warn you: I’m not a native Englishspeaker so I’ll make a lot of mistakes! Please don’t use any of my text for something important, as for example a paper for school…. you would regret it! ^_^ You would get a F or something worse.

And I’m not angry if somebody TELLS me about the writing mistakes – I’d be happy to correct them!

So have fun with my blog, which I’ll use to show you some of my scetching. (It won’t be very good stuff, I made this blog firstline to motivate myself to draw more…)

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